About Us

Tilton Enterprises, LLC provides mainly equine excavation services which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Horse facility and paddock configuration consulting/planning
  • Indoor and outdoor all weather riding arena design
  • Site selection, and installations
  • Surface footing consulting and sales
  • Turf Grand Prix ring installations
  • Indoor and outdoor arena watering systems
  • Grass riding arena installations
  • Soccer field installations
  • Round pen installations
  • Water line/trough installations (Gravity (spring) and well supplied.)
  • Barn/building/run-in shed site preparation and support
  • Turf and all weather training track/gallop design and installations
  • Cross country course installations
  • Spring development and drainage solutions
  • Low impact trail clearing
  • Pond design and installation (For horse swimming as well.)
  • Driveway/road construction and repairs
  • Land (green and conventional) clearing
  • Parking area installations and repairs
  • Storm drain (culvert) and gutter drain installations and much more.

Tilton Enterprises Riding Ring

I take great pride in my profession and in my company and any project that is constructed in a fashion that is acceptable to my standards, excluding pond installations, are 100% guaranteed. I am committed to quality and the quality of my work is exceeded by no one. My mother, Nancy T. Orme was born and raised in Leesburg where she dedicated most of her life to fox hunting, competitive riding, and serving her community, as did her mother, Mrs. E. J. Orme, Jr. who still resides in Leesburg today. My father, Peter Hitchen, MFH of Potomac Hunt has also dedicated most of his life to fox hunting, racing, competitive riding, and serving his community as well. My heritage also carried me into competitive riding as well as fox hunting which has included serving as an honorary whipper-in for both Piedmont Hunt and for Thornton Hill Hounds, and I continue to fox hunt and ride today. I have been in business for 15 years and I have installed almost 70 arenas in the Northern Virginia region during that period. I am always ready, willing, and able to take you or anyone else on a tour of the many arenas, with all of the different surfaces, that I have installed.

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